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Movement as the Foundation of Training

It’s Not About the Tools

The Principle of Ratios in Physical Preparation

Shoulder Injuries & Prevention

Shoulder Saver Series – Practice & Programming

Smarter Agility Training

Developing Explosiveness

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Below I have linked to only a few of many articles I find valuable to athletes, parents, and coaches alike. They all in some way have either shaped, or are congruent with, my training philosophy for both athletes and the general public alike. I also realize that many out there are better writers than me, and simply say things more eloquently than I could ever hope to. Feel free to bookmark this page, as you probably won’t be able to finish all of them at once, and it will be updated on occasion.

Sport Training:

Derek Hansen – How Many Reps Are Enough?

James Smith – Improper Use of Training Means

Keir Wenham-Flatt – All Positions Are Not Created Equal: How to Train for Your Position



Lyle McDonald – The Baseline Diet

Brian St. Pierre – Simple Tips for Good Nutrition


Youth Training:

American Academy of Pediatrics – Sports Specialization & Injury

Istvan Balyi & Ann Hamilton – Long Term Athlete Development

Gabriel Naspinski – Beyond the Point of Adaptation for Youth Sports

Gabriel Naspinski – Three Guidelines for Coaching Youth Athletes

Eric Cressey – Your Arm Hurts? Thank Your Little League Coaches

Matthew D. Hauck – Forcing Our Minors to Major

James Smith – The Club Sports Conundrum: Part I & Part 2

James Smith – Strength & Power Considerations for Young Athletes

James Smith – Youth Training Considerations: Part I & Part 2

Toby Brooks – Sport Specialization for Young Athletes pt. 1 & 2

Jim Wendler – Training High School Athletes

Mike Robertson – Trunk Stability for Young Athletes

John O’Sullivan – The Early Specialization Dilemma in North American Soccer


Speed Training:

James Smith – Speed Training & Inappropriate Preparation

Derek Hansen – Optimal Tempo Training

Robert Panariello – Four Simple Reasons Athletes Must Sprint



Jim Wendler – 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me

Martin Rooney – The Importance of Barefoot Training

Craig Pickering – 11 Mistakes I’ve Made (So You Don’t Have To)


Sport Science:

New Studies in Athletics Archives



Buddy Morris with Jim Wendler & Dave Tate

Dan Pfaff – 38 years in 28 minutes

Lyle McDonald on Nutrition & Recovery

Charles Staley – Your Workout Sucks


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